Executive Motor Coach


Relaxation is a matter of comfort…

We want you to travel smoothly and arrive well relaxed. This is why our executive motor coaches offer tailored levels of tunable individual comfort and surround you with premium materials combined with the very latest communication and entertainment equipment.

On board our buses, which were designed exclusively for this product line, you can hold conferences on vis-a-vis tables equipped with power connections or you might wish to simply talk to business partners in a relaxing atmosphere. Our luxuriously equipped 5-star car offers you CD, video and DVD connections as well as 19 inch flat screens and comprehensive multimedia presentation facilities.

The business seating in our cars offers two double seats in one row with all upholstery in genuine Nappa leather. The generous space between the seats gives a feeling of relaxation to elegantly round off a unique experience.


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Car specification

1 x wireless microphones
3 x 19 inch TFT screens
1 x navigation system
1 x MP3 audio device
1 x DVD audio device
1 x DVD video device
1 x CD audio device
1 x satellite TV
1 x I Pod


When choosing the equipment components we focused on luxurious and unique details which offer you an unforgettable travel experience.

Leather sleeping seats
90 cm leg room
Air condition
Coat rack



Well prepared, we offer a wide range of opportunities for you to plan your trip effectively.
Holding conferences and meetings during the trip are the premium features of our exclusive conference cars.

VGA connection in the travel guide area for PowerPoint / Excel / Word presentations



Our catering team is trained especially for this purpose and you will be served hot meals or snacks on demand in addition to a fine selection of hot and cold beverages and all in our finest corporate porcelain and glassware.
Gastro dish washers

coffee cups
Cappucino cups

Glass dishes
wine glasses
champagne glasses

In order to meet our customers‘ requirements, we provide an on-board hostess service for all exclusive round trips, events and incentive tours.

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