16-Sitzer Sprinter

Executive Sprinter Van

Relaxation is a question of comfort

We have committed ourselves to this standard, and our executive sprinter van gives you the opportunity to enjoy your travel time in a relaxed, environment friendly and safe way. Its dark and elegant exterior car paint without eye-catching livery makes this vehicle the perfect means of transportation for delegations and business travellers.
This executive sprinter van features not only various appliances for your safety and comfort, it is also equipped with a powerful V6 Diesel engine within the Euro 6 emission limits; therefore this vehicle can access all environmental zones.
Our new Mercedes Benz Conference Sprinter offers top quality leather furnishings, exclusively manufactured for Silvervision, an on board kitchen and an extra convenient seat spacing.
An exclusive VIP-vehicle with 16 seats and 2 conference tables for 6 individuals, kitchen, Tassimo coffee maker and on board refrigerator. You can use the DVD player as well as the iPod port along with the 19“ TFT monitor and VGA port for presentations or simply for your entertainment.
In the conference area in the front you are welcomed by a full-length glass roof – unique in this segment – as well as a level floor which gives you more headroom than other vehicles in this segment.


  • our VIP Sprinter is the smallest vehicle in our bus fleet yet offers all the comfort of a luxury VIP bus.
  • the small kitchen unit is equipped with a Tassimo coffee maker and an on board refrigerator.
  • the Softline leather furnishing offers optimal comfort and emphasizes the special touch of the vehicle.
  • the 2+1 business seats are particularly wide for an exceptional seating comfort.
  • 230 Volt sockets enable you to recharge your devices while staying on your seat.
  • the 19“ TFT monitor allows you to show your laptop presentation via VGA port.
  • our entertainment technology provides modern USB / DVD / CD ports as well as iPod / iPhone ports.

[ 16 seats conference “SPRINTER” ]

[ 15 Passenger seats ]

[ 1 Tour guide seats ]

[ Comfortable 2+1 seats ]

[ 2 vis-à-vis conference tables for 6 passengers ]

[ Level floor for a terrific sense of space ] [ Panoramic glass roof above the conference tables ]

[ Softline full-grain leather sleeping seats ] [ On board refrigerator ] [ Tassimo coffee maker ]

[ DVD ] [ CD ] [ I – Pod ] [ USB ] [ CHINCH ] [ VIDEO ] [ 19″ Zoll TFT ] [ VGA port ]

[ 230 Volt socket in every row ]
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